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LikeLion is a student-run Tech Entrepreneurship Community that helps students solve real-world problems and develop their ideas into competitive products using programming.
With our beginner-friendly program, learn to code, build experiences, and connect with a network of diverse individuals to achieve your goals.
A Student-run Tech Entrepreneurship Community
Cost-free coding program
Starting point of your startup
LikeLion is a student-run club network, completely free of cost for students, that aims to disseminate skills, network, and experience in the programming field for anyone who needs them to realize their vision. We believe a little knowledge of programming can infinitely boost one's ability to problem-solve various issues in our world, especially when converged with expertise in other fields.
In fact, knowing how to build a web project has changed many things for our alumni around the world. They went on to pursue a career in the tech industry, founded a million-dollar startup, solved real-world problems, and turned their ideas into something real.
 You don’t have any experience of coding? Don’t worry!
90% of applicants who get accepted to LikeLion have no-prior coding experience
More than 85% of members on average complete the curriculum and create their very own web product
Focusing on ‘Practicality’ and ‘Application’, LikeLion members learn to utilize the latest technology and resources instead of reinventing the wheel by themselves.
LikeLion club at each school will be run by students to create a community that fosters the accumulation of skillset, experience, and network through tapping into the different interests, ideas, and backgrounds of our diverse members.
Create and lead a community that makes a difference.
Start a LikeLion Club at Your School Now.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people with no background in coding to build a successful software engineering career and to find their own startup businesses. Starting with 30 students in 2013, we educated more than 8,000 people across six countries, spanning the U.S., Korea, Australia, China, Japan, and Vietnam. We run various programs for university students, professionals, and organizations. We are dedicated to developing and disseminating effective and innovative methods for increasing literacy in programming language and development tools as we believe they can let people unleash their creativity and realize their visions. Ultimately, our goal is to serve as a launchpad for those coming from fields far from coding, such as humanities and social sciences, to start their individual journeys with programming skills as the power fuel.
LikeLion's desired goal is to grow as a startup incubator, but through providing free training than funding. LL teaches coding to some extent but emphasizes encouraging students to be able to find the information they need on their own. Eventually, the program culminates in students completing their own project that could potentially be a marketable idea/service/product.
In Korea, some alumni of the program successfully launched tech startups by developing the project they did with LikeLion. The success stories gave LL a lot of publicity and led to a number of LL chapters in universities across the country. Big names like Google reached out to LL for partnership once they established a strong presence in schools nationwide.
 Companies started from LikeLion in South Korea
Motion-detecting video analytics program used to compile performance data on soccer players, partnering with five European major soccer leagues, including EPL, Bundesliga, and over 200 teams across 10 countries (Bepro11).
Virally successful learning platform in South Korea (TALING)
Public-health alert system for MERS and COVID-19 outbreaks and mask availability.
Award-winning overseas small sum remittance solution (SENTBE).
And more!

LikeLion Worldwide


In 2017, we introduced our programs in partnership with students at UCLA and UC Berkeley. In the following years, we spread across the nation, starting our chapters in some of the most prestigious schools.
After years of beta testing at Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, NYU, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, MIT, University of Washington, and more universities, LikeLion officially started the first cohort with students at UC Berkeley last December 2021.
We believe we can make a significant change in the educational topography of the United States, by lowering the bar—financial and knowledge-wise—for anyone to enter the technology industry.
 you can find more details here
Since this Fall 2022, LIKELION US will start more students at West Coast universities. Bring LikeLion to your university now  

 S.Korea –

South Korea is LikeLion’s birthplace. Empowered by the entrepreneurial success of early LikeLion college program alumni, we reached 67 college campuses by 2019 to support more than 7000 students to start careers in technology. In 2018, LikeLion launched B2C, B2B, and B2G (municipal governments and government-sponsored educational programs) services to assist individuals and organizations—both private and public—tap into the power of technology.

 Vietnam –

In southeast Asia, LikeLion has solidified its leading position in coding education. Since first entering Vietnam in January 2020, we have been steadily growing and expanding our networks throughout Vietnamese universities. For example, we established MOU with prestigious universities such as the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) and Industrial University of HoChiMinh City (IUH). Also 'LikeLion Professional' has helped non-computer science majors and professionals of various fields to create and launch the services of their own designs. Currently, LikeLion is running coding education programs with Naver and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

How is LikeLion different from taking a class, enrolling in an online course, or signing up for a Bootcamp?

At LikeLion, we recognize that while computer science programs taught in university classrooms have their strength in theoretical rigor, often involving advanced mathematics, they impose a high entry barrier and take a long time until students can apply what they learned to practical purposes. Free online courses for practitioners, on the other hand, are often difficult for a beginner to follow to the end—not only because they are challenging but also because they can easily become tedious and lonely to complete. Bootcamps may be a good alternative to quickly gain practical skills with more in-person support, but they cost a fortune and require a full-time commitment.
To overcome these shortcomings, LIKE LION program emphasizes three core elements — practical knowledge, hands-on project experience, and community.

 Practical Knowledge

LikeLion provides an easy-to-follow, industry-tested curriculum that culminates in a serviceable product.

 Hands-on project experience

While the curriculum encompasses frontend, backend, and UI/UX development, we emphasize the application more than the theory, and the ability to think like a programmer, more than the nitty-gritty of programming language—reducing the distance from beginning to delivering a tangible product.


We also encourage students to team up and connect with others with different backgrounds to foster a culture of collaboration to maximize each person's unique strength and efficiency (there's no need for everyone to be an expert on everything to make something that works!). And most importantly, we invest most in nurturing LikeLion clubs into a community, where each member becomes a mentor and a cheerleader for each other to spark inspiration and motivation. (While extenuating circumstances such as the pandemic case surge may cause an exception, our programs are run on the principle of in-person attendance. )

In short, we provide an application-oriented learning experience with a human touch.