1기 (Class of 2022)

 A total of 19 students successfully completed LIKE LION US@Berkeley program. They developed their desired web service with the programming skills they gained during this program.
Through this program, we trained students on the cycle of web development, from planning to launching their idea(Python, Flask, DB, Hosting, etc.).
11/24/21 Kick-off meeting
12/20/2021 ~ 01/02/2022 Planning / Developing / Design Classes
Our first cohort in the US had a very intensive experience. The program ran from 10 am to 4:30 pm every day for three weeks. Classes covered project planning, front-end and back-end web development, and design.
01/03/2021 ~ 01/07/2022 Web service developing week
Students took to collaborating with each other in teams to bring their projects to life. There were 13 different projects that included web services such as tracking job hunting progress, a matching platform for travelers, and NFT exchanging services.
01/07/2022 Last day - Presentation Day
On the last day of the program, students pitched their ideas and promptly received feedback from experts, reinforcing the holistic nature of LLUS’s web development training program.


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