2기 (Class of 2022-2023)

  The Class of 2022 LIKELION US program has seen an impressive turnout from 12 universities across California. More than 200 students and 12 mentors have come together to start their journey of learning and personal growth.

[06/16/22] Student staff members and mentors Kick-off meeting

[06/27/22~ 07/29/22] Study weeks for student staff members

During this period, our team of student staff members studied the LIKELION US curriculum in preparation. The curriculum covers various areas such as planning, design (basic design theory, Figma), programming (HTML, CSS, JS, Django, Python, React, etc.), as well as special workshops hosted by our mentors (career talks, resume workshops, etc.).

[09/22/22] Orientation for all Class of 2022 members

[10/20/22] Class of 2022 Ideathon

Students worked on developing ideas to solve existing problems. They gained valuable experience in building services from the ground up.
15 teams from 12 universities pitched their idea in the final round of this ideathon.
09/29/22 - 10/13/22
 Idea Submission Period
10/15/22 - 10/18/22
 Final results submission Period
 Presentation Day

[11/15/22 ~ 11/18/22] Networking Day(San Francisco, LA, San Diego)

We had a LIKELION US networking day in three different cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. During this event, we had the opportunity to meet with students from other universities and bond with them, sharing our joys and challenges throughout the learning journey. Having colleagues to share this experience with was a great source of motivation for all of us!

[01/28/23 ~ 01/29/23] LIKELION US 1st Hackathon in Silicon Valley

The LIKELION US hackathon was held on January 28-29, 2023, at the Hyundai Cradle office in Mountain View, California. LIKELION US members from 13 universities in California participated in the event, bringing their creativity and developing innovative solutions. The hackathon also provided an opportunity for members to showcase their skills and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

[01/30/23] The graduation of the class of 2022 cohort

Members who fulfilled the requirements were awarded a certificate of completion. LIKELION US alumni will gain exclusive access to networks and opportunities, such as job fairs, referrals, and demo days with VCs.

[02/01/23 ~ 05/31/23] The extended duration of the class of 2022 cohort(optional)

During this period, students will work on team projects, utilizing the knowledge they gain throughout their learning with our program. Also, we are excited to announce that we are planning the ideathon in collaboration with professionals from Silicon valley and LIKELION US student members.


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